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2 - Tutoring and Private Education


Educating Classically at Fairmont Academy was originally founded in 2000 as a satellite homeschool to the Great Books Academy.

Education Focused on Freedom

"A classical liberal education, based on the liberal arts, takes its name from the Latin word liber, meaning free. This dedication to liberal education is borne of the understanding that it is liberal education, traditionally understood, that leads men to freedom and happiness. Hand in hand with this understanding of liberal education is the acknowledgement that freedom and happiness do not mean license and pleasure. Rather, freedom and happiness are found in the life of virtue. The Great Books Academy has been inspired by the educational initiatives of Dr. Mortimer J. Adler, who sees in classical liberal education not only the means necessary to imbue students with the skills to become excellent lifelong learners, but also the means to be fully engaged citizens, exercising civic duties from a principled understanding of the issues which confront them daily. These too are all qualities shared by free and happy men."- Great Books Academy

About the Founder

Carolyne Marie Roberts holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Dallas in Phenomenological Psychology, and a certificate in College Admissions Counseling through the UCLA extension program. She has also been an educator for over 21 years and is an advocate of the Classical education movement.

She was also the primary educator for her son Hunter, who is a Congressional Gold Medal recipient, a two-time C-SPAN™ StudentCam Award winner, a highly regarded Parker Teen Court Lawyer and Judge, and has logged over 600 hours of community service. Hunter is a graduate of Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and now works as a data scientist.



Director of Education Services

Understanding the educational and social needs of both students and parents is important to setting a foundation for a positive learning experience. 

Let me help to match and fulfill the roles of:

Private educator, tutor, learning coach, adolescent life coach, college and career guidance, micro-school connection and more!


Discover the variety of enrichment classes offered with an emphasis on discussion of the Great Books.

Furthermore, Fairmont Academy provides guidance for the programs that empower students to expand their student profiles and résumés. 


 Tutoring in All Subjects Including: 

• Excellence in Writing

• C-SPAN - Class and Prep for Competition
• Speech - Dramatic Interpretation
• Speech - Humorous Interpretation
• Speech - Platform (i.e. TheBookKnight On YouTube
• Introductory Logic
• Intermediate Logic


Socratic Method Teaching:

• Philosophy for Children
• Teaching the Classics: A Socratic Method for Literary Education
• The Great Books of the Western World Discussion Classes

Music and Art History:

• Enjoyment of Music
• Art in Focus

open book

Foreign Languages:

• Spanish for Children
• Spanish - Tell Me More
• Latin for Children
• English from the Roots Up
• Root Work Vocabulary Building Games

college preparatory

After-School College Preparatory Study Hall

| Resume-building assistance | Assistance finding community service opportunities  | Congressional Award Mentoring | CSPAN Documentary Workshops

great books

Enriching Minds with Great Books

Introducing young people to the foundations of logic by using the Socratic method of teaching to introduce students to the classics. This helps give them a firm foundation in the traditions and learning of the Western world.

Philosophy for All Ages | Logic for Middle School | Rhetoric for High School | Great Books Discussions

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roots 2 leaves
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