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College Planning Consulting



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Learn the steps in preparing for the academic, extracurricular, and financial aspects of college planning. Eliminate errors caused by inexperience with the college planning process. This includes covering the importance of setting expectations with regard to student/parent roles and responsibilities throughout the process.


Fairmont Academy can assist the student in developing a schedule to ensure they are aware of and prepared to meet deadlines critical to success of the overall process. Students are also guided through the college visiting process.



From helping your child find a college to paying for your child’s college education, Fairmont Academy's college coaching and college matching technology helps students and parents find that best fit college to provide a secure start for a bright future.

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Where will I go to school?

What type of career is right for me?

What should I study?

Where will I get the money to pay for school?

These are the four major questions every high school graduate should be asking themselves when they start high school. College counseling by Fairmont Academy starts with questions. In fact, the program starts with a coach interviewing the parents and students separately to assess their interests and hopes from college. The questions in the initial interview focus in on factors like the location and size of the school, field of study, test scores, and student lifestyle.



Where are they going to school?

What will they study?

What career will they be best at?

What will make them happy?

How will I pay for school?

These are all questions that create tension, pressure, and anxiety.  As a parent, we are up against tough odds – the average student goes to school for 6 years, and 48% drop out or change schools in the first year. Average cost of school increases 12-20% each year. It is not easy, we know from first-hand experience.

But there is a solution – Fairmont Academy can assign your student a team to work with you and manage the process for you. We personally know what it feels like before, during and after the process. We want the best for your student, let us help you. How do we measure success? By getting every student into a school or career – period! Start today, let us help. Ready to get started?

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Educating Classically at Fairmont Academy partnered with CollegeChoiceToday, who provides  students with the necessary tools to confidently choose a college, major, career path and funding.

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At CollegeChoiceToday, we understand the guessing game so often associated with college selection, and we have designed a program to manage this process, align expectations, and ensure the discovery of the best college fit and field of study for students. We provide all the tools you need for a student to catapult into a meaningful career.

College Assessment

The first step in the process is an online interview with your personal college coach, Lori Cochran. She provides advice by asking the questions that help a student and their family come to understand what they all are looking for in the college experience and career to follow. Each student receives a customized experience tailored to his or her exact needs. She begins by asking questions to determine the best fit by surfacing everyone’s goals.


Career Assessment

In Step 2 of our college coaching program, students are provided an online career aptitude test. College Choice Today runs the student’s assessment results against more than 90 job databases, including the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Information Network – the country’s primary source of occupational information. They also pull data from the National Center for Education Statistics and the Institute of Education Sciences, so that in addition to collecting important input and information from you, their assessment tools pull information and data from trusted, up-to-date sources. The result: a package of recommendations for career, college, major and financial options custom tailored to your passion, personality, and skills.

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The College Journey
Each student and their family's College Journey is different, but there are many standardized pieces. Join us for an evening of the college basics. The end result is to create your personalized plan of action and where to go for additional resources. The program is mainly for 8th to 12th grade students and their parents. Topics include: resumes, finances, standardized tests & grades, college visits, the high school counseling office, Colorado & national COLLEGE & LABOR MARKET data banks, online research tips, interest inventories or applications and offers For some students, college is not the answer and alternatives are highlighted.


An additional facet of our community empowering parents with teens and pre-teens:

Clarissa Constantine connects parents (and other adults who have t(w)eens in their lives) to each other and to the professionals who support them through her group, ParenT(w)een Connection:

They say kids don't come with handbooks...especially teens and tweens! This group is for parents (biological, step, foster, adoptive, grand, etc.) and supporters of teens and tweens. Our Facebook group is a forum for parents to connect with other parents, and our educational events (both in-person and online) connect parents to experts who can give us insight on how best to support the teens and tweens in our lives.

College Knowledge Night

Gain Valuable Information by Hosting a College Knowledge Night. Invite Your Friends and Receive a Free College/Career Assessment.
Topics can include:

How going to college can change your life
You have probably heard people tell you that going to college is important, but we will provide a brief set of facts to prove the point.

Choosing the right college
Learn what to consider when selecting a college. Whether you are interested in a traditional four-year college, a community college, or a trade and vocational college, hear about your options and how to decide which is right for you. We will also cover the steps involved in the college application process.

Understanding the financial aid process
Think you can't afford to attend college? Learn about financial aid programs and the importance of filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Scholarship searches and scams
Learn how to develop a plan to search for scholarships, and find out how to spot the warning signs of scholarship scams.

Other topics can include:

• How to Choose a College & How a College Chooses You
• How to Choose a College Major and Plan for a Career
• Admissions & Programs to Highly Selective Colleges
• Going Out-of-State to College
• Visual and Performing Art Colleges
• STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Majors
• NCAA College-bound Athlete: Getting a Head Start
• High School Advice for 9th-11th grades
• The Cost of College and Out-of-State WUE options
• Military Academies
* Valuable freebies available for your guests.

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